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Farley Primary School has an Amazon Associates account; meaning that each time you shop on Amazon using the School link below, they will make a donation directly to the school fund which we use to buy additional items to support the children at school. The amount donated will depend on the item but can be anything up to 10% of its value.

The best thing about it is that the donation costs the shopper absolutely nothing. Once you have used the link to access Amazon you log onto your account and purchase items as normal. The best way to enable you to do this on a regular basis is to 'bookmark' the link below in your web browser.

Please use the link below when you are browsing Amazon and adding items to your basket for later check-out, as well as when actually checking out. (The Amazon Associates account tags items when you add them to your basket, so if you only use the link below to check out items that you have already put in your basket directly without using our link we will not see any donation).

We encourage all current and past parents, old boys and girls, staff and friends of Farley Primary School to use the link as another way to raise funds for the school.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the scheme work?

Farley Primary School has an Associates Account with Amazon, meaning that for any orders placed through our web site link, we will receive a donation. You shop on Amazon as you would normally, the difference being that for all of your purchases you are also fundraising for the school at no extra cost to you.

Who can use the link?

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can use the link. Why not pass the link to friends and relatives?

How much money will Farley Primary School get from my purchase?

We receive a donation on any items purchased through the Store on a sliding scale. The minimum is around 5% of the item price, so for example if you make a purchase up to the value of £10.00, we will receive around 50p as a donation.

How do I return an item?

All purchases made are sent directly from in the normal way. Therefore if you are not satisfied in anyway with your items you will need to return your products to Amazon directly. Please visit the website for their Returns Policy.

If I return an item will Farley Primary School still receive the donation from Amazon?

No, the school only receives donations for items that have been shipped and not returned.

When will I receive my item? is responsible for all order processing and postage and packaging. If you have not received your product and want further details you will need to speak with Amazon directly. Please visit the Amazon website for full details.

How do I make changes or cancel my order?

You can amend your order through the Amazon website.

What is the Amazon security and privacy policy?

For full details on the Amazon security and privacy policy visit their website.

Does the school hold personal data of anyone using the Store?

No. Farley Primary School does not hold, nor can it obtain, any personal or financial data of persons using the Store. Only has this information as stated in the Amazon security and privacy policy.

Is the school able to see details of my purchase?

The school can see no details, just a commission figure.