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Together Everyone Achieves More


Welcome to Farley Hill Primary School's 
Parent and Teacher Association (PTA)


We are very lucky to have an amazing PTA at Farley Hill Primary School, raising funds to contribute to our children’s learning environment and provide a variety of experiences and extra curricular activities which enhance their educational journey.


Thanks to the support and teamwork of our parents, teachers and local supporters we can organise many brilliant events to raise the funds so desperately needed. We definitely punch above our weight as we raise almost as much as a local secondary school which is 7 times our size!


What is the PTA?

The Farley Hill PTA is a registered charity aiming to raise funds to enhance the education and school life of the students at Farley Hill Primary School.


What does the PTA do?

We organise a variety of events and fundraising programmes which help provide invaluable resources to the school, supplementing the government funding the school receives. 


Why do we need the PTA?

Wokingham Borough Council allowance per child is £3,011 per annum. This covers the costs of teachers and teaching assistants and basic resources.  Do you remember your child telling you about the basketball player who came and visited the school, or the Lego workshop, or the mosaic art project?  These experiences were all funded by the PTA.


How much money is raised?

Farley Hill PTA does a phenomenal job in raising additional funds – for a 210 pupil primary school we are in the top 8% of PTA’s in the country based on the value of funds raised!!!

We aim to make £20,000 a year to support the school, provide fun and educational activities for the children and to provide events for the school and the community.


How is the money spent?

In the academic year 2021/2022, the PTA raised £5277.24 in what was, and continues to be, a very uncertain climate.  As school budgets are tightened every year, the PTA funded a variety of events and materials for our school including:

  • Kitchen equipment for the Food Tech room
  • Sports specialist
  • Tennis nets and sports equipment
  • Books for the library
  • Christmas theatre show
  • iPads
  • Flowers for the new planters
  • Arts Project Mosaic


Who decides how the money is spent?

The PTA ultimately decide how the money is spent.  Mrs Bateman has a Wish List and a budget for the year which is discussed and reviewed at the PTA meetings.  You need to be a committee member to have a vote within the PTA.  Committee members should attend the PTA meetings.


How can I help?

Support our events and fundraisers – get involved!

Book tickets, turn up, spend your money, have fun!

Volunteer for pre-planning, set up on the day, helping at the event, close down and administration support.

Pound for Pound matching

Most large corporates and banks run pound for pound matching for charities.  Contact your CSR/HR department and help us add £000’s for filling in a form!

Volunteer Days

Many companies will pay employees to spend a day working for a charity.  Check with your CSR/HR department, book off a day to support us in the run up to an event and get paid for it. Win win!


Bring in your old clothes and the school gets money! Easy as that!  Bags2School will be advertised, just bring your bags along on the collection date and the school receives funds based on the weight of the donations.

Easy Fundraising



New ideas

We want to hear from you, we need new ideas!  Talk to us, tell us what events you have been to, what fundraisers worked well, what easy fundraisers you have seen/signed up to.  Let’s do something different and exciting!!!!


What is Dad Power and how do I join?

Dad Power is a very social and fantastic group of Dads who help plan the events from an infrastructure, technical and health and safety perspective, ensuring the right equipment, set up and close down of the marquees, manning the BBQ, building the grotto - whatever it takes to make the events happen!

Dad Power is headed up by George Brown – you can contact him at or by phone on 07900 800 593  


PTA Committee Members

President: Jane Bateman, Head Teacher

Co-Chairs: Abi Schmit (Year 5 mum) and Rachel Barnett (Year 6 mum)

Treasurer: Ben Smith (Year 4 dad)

Secretary: Jeanie Bird (Year 3 and Year 6 mum)


PTA email address:

Registered Charity Number: 1041931


Upcoming Events

Please continue to visit our page for upcoming events. 

Winter Wonderland - Friday 1st December 2023, 5.30pm to 8pm

Next PTA meeting - TBC

AGM - To be confirmed

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